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Our Patriot Ancestors

Our patriot fathers (or mothers) aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution. The table is searchable by last name (alphabetically), rank, or state by clicking on the little arrows at the top of each column. You can even search for your ancestor by typing his/her name into the search box.

Last Name, First NameServiceState Served
Abendschon, Samuel
Patriotic ServicePennsylvania
Alston, JamesPatriotic Service (PS)North Carolina
Anderson, JoshuaColonel, Patriotic Service (PS)Pennsylvania
Armfield, WilliamPatriotic Service (PS)PennsylvaniaNorth Carolina
Baldwin, BenjaminSergeantVirginia
Beckham, Simon
Patriotic Service (PS)Georgia
Benton, FelixPrivateMassachusettes
Bowles, LemuelPrivateConnecticut
Brown, JacobPrivateNorth Carolina
Buttrick, FrancisCorporalMassachusettes
Carmack, Cornelius, Jr.PrivateVirginia
Chambers, RobertCorporalVirginia
Corwin, EdwardPrivateNew York
Craig, Samuel, Sr.Patriotic Service (PS), Soldier (SOL)Pennsylvania
Craig, Samuel, Jr.Lieutenant Patriotic ServicePennsylvania
Dashiell, JohnLieutanantMaryland
DeMaranville, LouisPrivateMassachusetts
Fowler, LemuelPrivateMassachusetts
Funk, Jr, HenryPatriotic ServiceMaryland
Gaston, JohnMajorPennsylvania
Grier, AquillaPatriotic Service (PS)North Carolina
Gurney, AsaPrivateMassachusetts
Hackworth, ThomasPrivateVirginia
Hart, JosephCivil Service (CS)Connecticut
Hitchcock, LukeCivil Service (CS), Patriotic Service (PS)Massachusettes
Irish, WilliamCorporalMassachusetts
Johnston, MatthewSoldier (SOL)Pennsylvania
Jordan, JohnPrivateNew Jersey
Kaufman, ChristianCorporalPennsylvania
Kemp, ThomasPatriotic Service (PS)Maryland
Kleber, MartinPrivatePennsylvania
Kolb, ChristophelPrivatePennsylvania
Kramer, JacobPrivate, Patriotic Service (PS)Pennsylvania
Lindley, ThomasPatriotic Service (PS)North Carolina
Locke, BenjaminCaptainMassachusetts
Loveland, MalachiCivil Service (CS), EnsignConnecticut
Malick, LeonardPrivateNew Jersey
May, JohnCaptainNorth Carolina, Virginia
McDowell, Samuel, SrColonel, CS, PSVirginia
Mendall, ValentinePatriotic Service (PS), Soldier (SOL)Pennsylvania
Milligan, JohnPrivateVirginia, Pennsylvania
Neely, PaulSergeantPennsylvania
Newcomer, PeterPrivatePennsylvania
Parsons, BaldwinCaptainVirginia
Pennypacker, MatthiasPatriotic Service (PS)Pennsylvania
Pierce, AbialCaptainMassachusetts
Pipes, John, Jr.Lieutenant, Patriotic Service (PS)New Jersey
Rogers, JamesCaptain, Civil Service (CS)Virginia
Rowland, JacobPatriotic Service (PS)Maryland
Shields, JohnLieutenant ColonelPennsylvania
Smith, CharlesPrivateMassachusetts
Smith, GeorgePatriotic Service (PS)Virginia
Soilderlers, WilliamPrivateVirginia
Stafford, BenjaminPrivateRhode Island
Strother, GeorgeCommunity ServiceSouth Carolina
Suplee, PeterPrivatePennsylvania
Taft, MijaminPrivateMassachusetts
Tynes, Robert FlemingPrivateSouth Carolina
Van Allen, PeterSecond LieutenantNew York
Van Benschoten, JacobPrivateNew York
Van Riper, CorneliusMinute Man (MM)New Jersey
Vermeule, CorneliusPatriotic Service (PS)New Jersey
Vrooman, WalterCaptain, Patriotic Service (PS)New York
WaLieutenanton, Jr, WilliamPrivateVirginia, North Carolina
Weed, JacobPrivateMassachusetts
Westhofer, ConradPrivatePennsylvania
Whartenby, RichardPatriotic Service (PS), PrivatePennsylvania
Wilhoit, FrederickCorporalMaryland



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